We specialize in developing biosimilar drugs. By providing our biosimilars to the medical fraternity, we are committed to contribute to the society and people by subsidizing medical spending to reduce financial burden of patients; while maintaining highest product quality

In recent years, development of biologic drugs has revolutionized the treatment of patients suffering from blood disorder, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer to improve their disease condition and enhance Quality Of Life. However, these highly potent biologics are highly expensive, resulting in greater burden on both national health care finances and patients.
In global pharmaceutical market, biologics account for more than 80% of sales and it is predicated to reach a much higher level of total sales by 2020.
If we fail to develop biosimilars for these products, there is a significant risk that national health care finance may collapse depriving the patients of these valuable treatments.
With biosimilar drugs getting established in the market we can hope to contribute to the society and people by reducing the burden on national healthcare finances with lower-priced and high quality biosimilar drugs.

We plan to focus on those biologics which fulfil unmet medical needs by developing their biosimilars. We are committed to bring such biosimilar drugs to patients by fully leveraging our rich expertise and know-how in this area.

Biosimilar drug requires high quality, absolute reliability and impeccable credibility. The strict quality control systems adopted by YL Biologics ensures that the biosimilars made by us in Japan are of highest quality, reliability & credibility. All the biosimilar drugs that we produce are made in Japan without any exception.

President, Representative Director
Toshihiko Hibino